Endless Bummer

from by Chigurh

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Take me to a peaceful place where we can walk down the streets. I want to trust those around me, is that too much to ask for? I’ve lost all hope for this human race. With cries of paranoia and pleading for help, you choose to look away. You choose to look away. Irrational decisions, a lack of control. Your actions were repeated over and over. Where is your conscious? Do you have one? The system has failed us. The system has failed us. Was it righteous? Does it make you more a man? I don’t care if you’re sorry, you won’t get my pity. Is this what you wanted to be known for? Is this your way of living forever? How do you expect me to look you in the eyes? How do you expect anyone to look you in the eyes again? How do you expect anyone to ever look you in the eyes again? What you did was a crime against nature. What you did was a crime against humanity. You’ll get no sympathy from me. “What is happening behind your eyes? Is your mouth pulled wide in a grin or is that a rictus of agony? Is your mind sweet and soft with triumph, or do fear, pain, and remorse pound on the inside of your skull like angry beasts seeking escape? What is happening?” What is happening with this world?


from In Life You Cannot Change People, released April 10, 2012



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Chigurh Union, New Jersey

We're a group of musicians of varying age and style, we love making music and want to share what we create.

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